Short about
“AšLietuvai“ – Lithuanian civic NGO initiative think tank. Previously it was with a grassroots civic movement of followers and supporters.

Top priorities 
After long cycle of research we came to few concluding projects:

  1. National character research and implementation

But there are more important ideas in our top ranked list.

Our name
Words “Aš“ and “Lietuvai“ mean “I for Lithuania“, my, person’s (efforts, ideas, activities) for future and survival of Lithuania.

This means that people (wisdom of crowds, crowdsourcing) suggest ideas and solving of problems for whole country and nation and then participate in implementation and to lead these ideas till final practical imlementation.

Vision, mission, values and gaols
Main mission and project of AšLietuvai is finding an original, unique way out of current complex problems of whole country and Lithuanian nation even living globally. First and basic contemporary tool to attain this task was national ideas campaign – efforts to collect and find a spectrum of solutions suggested by thousands of citizens. These ideas could be:

  • from top (such as ingenious scientific discoveries, long term vision or strategy, discovery and purification of vision, mission, values and goals of whole country of Lithuania
  • to down (earthly, pragmatic, practical solutions), simple ideas such as makeover of staircases of community houses

And much more.

First wave of ideas were many and raw. Latest wave of ideas are highly developed, advanced, elitist and refined.

Short history
In 2008 we started a local ideas conference (very similar to TEDx) and in 2009 it grew to national ideas campaign. We were invited to relocate to Lithuanian Parliament and start our activities there. Even being inside of government strucures we stayed as grassroots independent movement and safeguarded our neutrality off political directions and kept autonomous NGO position.

At the same historical moment other countries discovered same method: Estonia, USA, Ireland, Slovenia, Italy and more.

Soon other similar Lithuanian NGO’s joined our efforts. Among these – most important partners and co-founders: “Darom“ and “Nacionalinė idėja“.

Through few years of ideas campaigns we collected 5000 civic ideas for boosting of Lithuanian morale and economy. It is a wide range of different ideas. After a year of analytical work and many discussions, we amalgamated an idea of wiki/open/vitual/e-constitution. It was first good solution for our country.

But later we discovered other solutions of top importance:

  • new type of ethical code
  • elite boys school – the chief nurse of Lithuania’s statesmen – similar to Eton College, Harrow Scholl, Winchester
  • crisis mapping (Ushahidi) (few projects already work)
  • universal national psychometric exam
  • examination of Lithuanian national character and finding of national economical, political and moral mission
  • Senate, Upper House or bicameral Parliament. From October 2012 we make slow constant effort to converst our organisation to e-Senate. Parliamentary upper house rules and procedures are tried to use in our main forum
  • national feedback system
  • Swiss referendum system
  • stable government’s priority
  • huge neologisms campaign (already works)
  • and much more

From 2011 we are in a phase of preparations and starting of the best discovered solutions.
Elite boys school is top priority from 2012-2013.

Our team
Because of very high rate of staff global migration most of efforts we do through virtual teams. Facebook group facebook.com/groups/aslietuvai is one of these teams.

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