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Goal setting at Google
Google is an OKR company. There is an awesome video about OKrs here. Most of the company still uses this methodology–especially as you get closer to Larry Page. The importance here is that Google doesn’t enforce this across all their functions and business units. For them, if the tool make sense, use it.

Who decides employee’s goals?
The interesting aspect about OKRs is that goal setting is both top-down andbottoms-up. So while strategy and goals can come from the top, employees have the ability to propose goals that get adopted by their managers.

You can then break these goals down by function. Goals that are sales oriented don’t change much. If you had a revenue goal of X, the next quarter might be the Y% more.

In some engineering groups, there is a general commitment to features and/or projects that must be completed. Each engineer owns a goal to lead. They’re not responsible for doing all the work, but leading the project.

The key takeaway here is that the initial goal is just a conversation to be had

How is it evaluated?
Individuals rate their own goal at the end of the quarter. For some goals, it’s a 0 or 1–Was internationalizing X product in Y languages launched? Other times, employees rate themselves between 0 or 1, like a 0.7. What’s important is not to over-engineer the score. The point of it is to use the time to reflect!

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